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can a root canal be performed on an infected tooth

Can a Root Canal be Performed on an Infected Tooth?

Is getting a root canal done on an infected tooth even an option?

Yes, absolutely! When treating an infected tooth, endodontic treatment is often recommended. It enables dentists to save currently unhealthy teeth and help patients avoid extraction.

One of the more concerning dental issues that might arise is an infected root canal. Patients often have questions and concerns about their dental procedures, including how they will feel during and after recovery. Talk to our dentist to learn more about the details of your treatment.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

Your body will frequently alert you about possible root canal infections. Common symptoms include an intense, persistent toothache or an acute sensitivity to hot or cold liquids.

You could occasionally detect a slight expansion that looks like a pimple or gum swelling. The pulp of your tooth, which contains crucial blood vessels and nerves, is frequently the source of these symptoms.

When these symptoms appear or increase, it is recommended to think about going through root canal therapy if tooth damage, bacterial infection, or decay are to blame. You might be sure that we are able to finish this procedure, conserving your tooth and providing you with much-needed relief.

The key idea is that when these symptoms arise or get worse, root canal therapy should be taken into consideration. It could help you save your teeth, and it’s not as terrifying as it first appears.

Trusting our dentist is crucial to your dental health. Our team of committed professionals at Whyte Ave Dental Clinic is here to give you optimal care. Our skilled dentist is available to meet your requirements, whether you need a regular checkup to address a particular tooth issue or are thinking about procedures like dental crowns or implants.

We are here to help you on your path to a secure and healthy smile because we recognize how important it is to maintain good dental health.

How is Root Canal Treatment Done?

A root canal is a typical dental operation in order to save diseased or broken teeth. Specifically, the following actions must be taken:

  1. Assessment: Evaluating the severity of a medical condition involves our renowned dentist, who will thoroughly inspect your tooth as well as take x-rays.
  2. Local anesthetic: The dentist will use local anesthetic, commonly given as an injection, to numb the treatment location to ensure optimum comfort.
  3. Cleaning: To remove the damaged pulp, our dentist will meticulously drill a tiny access hole in the tooth’s crown. Then, they will perform a meticulous root canal cleaning, which involves eliminating any harmful bacteria.
  4. Filling: After cleaning the cavity, the dentist will fill it with a specific material called gutta-percha to seal the tooth and reduce the danger of infection effectively.
  5. Restoration: To strengthen and protect a tooth after a root canal, a crown is frequently required. The crown will be meticulously crafted to replicate your existing teeth’ aesthetics perfectly.

How Long Does Root Canal Recovery Take?

After having a root canal, recovery usually happens rather quickly. You may experience some mild soreness or discomfort in the days following the treatment.

This can be adequately controlled with over-the-counter pain medication. The next day, patients can usually get back to their regular routines.

You must follow the post-procedural instructions given by our dentist in Whyte Ave. These may include using prescribed medication and maintaining good oral hygiene to promote a smooth recovery.

Discovering Optimal Dental Wellness with Lumos Dental

At our community dental office, we care deeply about your oral health and look forward to the chance to brighten your day with our services.

A root canal can seem daunting, but this transformative procedure will restore the functionality of your smile as well as its unique beauty. If you require endodontic therapy or any other form of dental aid, our dedicated, capable team is here to help. Contact our local dental office today.