Periodontal Therapy in Whyte Ave, Edmonton

Periodontal Therapy Near You

Periodontal disease is just a fancier term for gum disease. This condition can impact anyone, no matter their age, especially those patients who don’t actively look after their oral health.

In Canada alone, gum disease is the dominant cause of tooth loss amongst adult populations. Unfortunately, knowing whether you have this condition can be challenging because symptoms don’t always manifest or cause too much pain when you’re in their beginning stages.

At Lumos Dental Centre, our team is dedicated to helping patients get their smiles back on track. We offer reliable periodontal therapy in Whyte Ave, Edmonton. Contact us today to learn more.

periodontal therapy in whyte ave

Periodontal Symptoms and Stages

Chronic bad breath (also known as halitosis), irritated, swollen, or bleeding gums, sensitivity, and, in later stages, receding gums are some signs that can point to the presence of gum disease. It’s essential to book an appointment with our Dentist near you as soon as possible; the quicker you act, the more effective your treatment will be, and your smile will be saved from experiencing additional deterioration.

If you suffer from one or multiple symptoms, contact our dentist. They’ll likely advise you to schedule a consultation so they can properly examine and take x-rays of your smile.

There are two main stages of periodontal gum disease: gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis: The first stage of this condition is characterized by the buildup of plaque and tartar, which leads to inflammation and swelling if it festers.

Periodontitis: Also known as advanced gum disease, it’s at this point when not just your teeth and gums are affected, but your bones as well. Patients can experience mild, moderate, and severe periodontitis. Often, when if you reach the final third stage, you’ll most likely experience bone loss.

Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment Near You

A deep tooth cleaning, also called root planing and scaling, addresses the effects of gum disease, especially in the more severe stages. This treatment involves cleaning out the pockets of bacteria that form when your gums pull away from your tooth and then coaxing the gum to reattach more firmly to your smile. Our Dentist could prescribe you if you’ve developed an infection.

If this method is not successful, oral surgery may be necessary.

Why Choose Lumos Dental For Periodontal Therapy in Whyte Ave?

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