Root Planing and Scaling in Whyte Ave, Edmonton

Root Planing and Scaling Near You

Root planing and scaling is a process that dentists perform to remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria buildups. It’s an excellent solution for patients with progressive gum disease.

If our dentist recommends receiving root planing and scaling in Whyte Ave, schedule a session with the team here at Lumos Dental today. We’ll ensure you return to optimal oral health in no time.

root planing and scaling in whyte ave

A Detailed Look On Dental Scaling and Root Planing

Oral irritation, swelling, and bleeding can occur when calculus forms on your teeth and along your gum line. Calculus is another name for an amalgamation of bacteria and plaque, often caused by excessive sugar consumption and failure to prioritize one’s oral hygiene daily. When calculus sits on your smile for a lengthy period, it can give way to gum recession, bacteria-filled pockets, and bone deterioration.

That’s why it’s essential to book a consultation with our local dentist as soon as possible if you are dealing with any of these symptoms. They’ll conduct a thorough physical evaluation of your oral cavity and take multiple X-rays to understand what’s happening where the naked eye cannot see. They’ll discuss your at-home habits, dental/medical history, and preferences regarding treatment too.

If a patient has gingivitis, the beginning stage of gum disease, root planing and scaling are not necessarily the first option; deep cleaning and antibiotics are typically done first. For patients with advanced gum disease or periodontitis, root planing and scaling near you is the standard treatment; our dentist may advise oral surgery if this isn’t effective.

Scaling and Root Planing Procedure

The steps are straightforward, and the entire treatment can be completed in one appointment.

Scaling is when our dentist clears the calculus from the surface of your teeth, along your gum line, and in those pockets that form because of gum recession. In comparison, root planing is gently smoothing out your tooth’s roots and gum tissues to eliminate any lingering calculus and encourage your gums to reattach to your smile.

Talk to our dental team if you experience any sensitivity or pain; you might be provided with an aesthetic injection to keep you relaxed if the dentist has to remove extensive debris. Once this is done, our dentist may prescribe medication to help you manage discomfort in the following hours.

Depending on your case, you may be required to return for a subsequent checkup shortly so that our dentist can monitor how your mouth is healing and whether or not more invasive measures are needed.

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