Teeth Whitening in Whyte Ave, Edmonton

Teeth Whitening Near You

Cosmetic dentistry has risen in popularity lately, thanks to all those Hollywood actors and actresses flashing their beautifully white smiles on the red carpet. But you don’t need to be famous to have a smile that makes you feel good!

If enhancing the appearance of your teeth is something you’re interested in doing, come on into our dental practice. We provide reliable and affordable treatment for teeth whitening near you.

Tooth Discoloration

Throughout our lives, our teeth will gradually become stained because of many factors including:

  • Aging.
  • Genetics.
  • Too much fluoride.
  • Certain food and drinks that leave reside like tomato and soy sauces, tea, and coffee.
  • Tobacco use.
  • Infection.

It’s good to keep in mind too, that our teeth are not actually pearly white by nature. In fact, they typically range from a duller white to a yellow-grey shade. But, if you’re not satisfied with the aesthetic of your smile, reach out to your dentist today. They’ll invite you to come in for an initial consultation to discuss your preferences and let you know if you’re an ideal candidate for this process.

In-Office vs At-Home

The steps involved in in-office teeth whitening in Edmonton are noted below:

  • Your dentist will examine your smile to better understand the current state of your dental health.
  • Your teeth will be cleaned so that any lingering debris doesn’t interfere with the bleaching process.
  • You and your dentist will work together to choose the best shade of white for you.
  • The whitening solution is applied. Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are the most common substances used since they can easily remove deep-seated stains. Your dentist will use a very specific amount so as not to damage your enamel.
  • When the solution is on your smile, a light is used to kickstart the actual bleaching process.
  • The solution is wiped off then reapplied, a cycle that’s repeated until your smile resembles the shade of white you’ve chosen.

Professional teeth whitening provides patients with lasting results; on average, it lasts about 3 months or some before you’ll need a touch-up. However, this treatment may be expensive, so it’s best to understand all the costs involved before committing to anything.

Because of this, at-home whitening methods may be for you. Some of the most popular strategies include:

  • Brushing your teeth every day! This is the simplest, most effective thing you can do!
  • Consuming less food/drinks that leave stains.
  • Swishing with coconut or sesame oil.
  • Brushing with a combination of baking soda and toothpaste.
  • Rubbing lemon peels on your smile.

Are you eager to obtain the smile that you’ve been dreaming of? Schedule an appointment with our dental office to gather more information about teeth whitening near you. The team at Lumos Dental is here for you!