Root Canal Treatment in Whyte Ave, Edmonton

Root Canal Treatment Near You

Located inside the middle of all your teeth is an entity known as the pulp. A delicate, fleshy sac is where nerves, blood vessels, and other connective tissues come together to supply nutrients and minerals to your tooth and keep it alive. When your pulp succumbs to infection, it will cause sensitivity and pain when you eat and talk.

The most effective way to address this problem is to undergo root canal treatment in Whyte Ave, Edmonton. The treatment involves drilling down into your tooth and scraping the decayed pulp. Fully developed teeth don’t need pulp to survive because your neighbouring teeth will pick up the slack and provide the blood and nutrients.

At our dental practice, we provide root canal treatment. If you need to schedule a time to come in and have this procedure done, please call us to select a time.

root canal treatment in whyte ave

Does It Hurt?

Don’t let the name or any of those internet horror stories fool you – root canal treatment isn’t painful!

Many people are worried about this, but our Dentist near you will ensure you remain calm and comfortable while they tend to your smile. You will be given an anesthetic injection before the procedure, numbing the affected area. However, our dentist can walk you through the various sedation dentistry options if you’d prefer something else.

When Should I Get Root Canal Treatment on Whyte Ave?

Alongside a tooth infection, root canal therapy can be an excellent solution for several other dental problems, such as:

  • A serious and/or persistent toothache.
  • Deep dental caries (aka cavities).
  • Your tooth is blackened and dying.
  • Your tooth is severely broken.

The root canal can be done in one appointment; you must return for a dental crown once done. This prosthetic helps protect the restored tooth and strengthens your smile. The crown is customized to fit your unique dimensions, so you won’t have to worry about it falling off or slipping around.

Could You Book a Consultation With Our Dentist Near You?

At Lumos Dental, we offer convenient and affordable root canal treatment near you. This service will help you talk and chew easily and boost your self-confidence.

To start your journey, we encourage you to call, email us, or drop by our clinic and speak with our team. We anticipate your visit!