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how do children develop cavities and how can you fix them

How Do Children Develop Cavities and How Can You Fix Them?

Whether you’re a kiddo, teen, or an adult, cavities are a prevalent dental issue for all smiles. This is because they can form quite easily and, if they go untreated, can transform into a more severe problem.

For children especially, it’s essential to address cavities early on so that their teeth can grow and eventually form a healthy smile that will help them enjoy daily activities like laughing with friends and eating with their family.

If you’ve got questions about cavities and children’s dentistry in Edmonton, we invite you to contact our local dental practice. Our staff is excited to help you and your family.

Cavities: What are they?

Within the realm of dentistry, a cavity is defined as a small hole that forms in or on your tooth because of excessive decay. Bacteria build-up from poor hygiene, and sugars from food and drinks combine to eat away at your tooth’s structure, such as the protective enamel layer, thereby creating areas of damage. This can lead to some sensitivity and even pain.

It is not difficult to prevent cavities, but once they’ve formed, it becomes trickier to address them. Cavities don’t necessarily go away on their own; when these holes or spots of rot appear, you’ll need to take your child to see a pediatric or general dentist near you. They will examine your child’s cavity and might take a few x-rays to understand the extent of the damage and what the best treatment is.

How Can You Treat Cavities?

There are a few different options that your child’s pediatric dentist in Edmonton can suggest to effectively remedy cavities. This includes those noted below:

  • Dental fillings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Root canal therapy
  • Tooth extraction

Note: Root canal therapy and tooth extraction, especially, are more drastic measures. Dentists prefer to do all they can to fix and preserve your child’s natural tooth first. Tooth extractions tend to be performed as a final resort.

Dental Sealants: Why You Should Consider Them 

Another treatment worth considering is dental sealants; however, this service is considered a means of preventative dentistry as opposed to remedying cavities that have already formed. Dental sealants are very thin coverings bonded to the chewing surface of your child’s teeth, stopping plaque and other debris from amalgamating in the grooves.

Dental sealants are not exclusively for kids; adults can acquire them as well, but it’s more frequently provided to younger patients since they’re still learning how to brush and floss properly.

Lastly, while sealants can be placed onto any tooth, they’re usually attached to one’s molars at the back of the mouth because these sets of teeth are the most troublesome to clean properly.

If you’re curious to learn more about dental sealants or other forms of preventative or restorative dentistry, make sure to reach out to our dentist near you. They’ll happily walk you and your little one through the process so you both know what to expect.

Drop by Lumos Dental for Quality Care

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